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Dynamics 365 CI/CD Pipeline (Part 1 Azure App Registration)


So you want a pipeline eh?

Alright, I'll walk you through my standard fitout for a Dynamics Pipeline.

What we will be covering in this post is how we create our App Registration in Azure Active Directory, that we need in order to create the Application User.

Create an App Registration in Azure Active Directory

Microsoft provides an applet that runs with PowerShell.

(Note, it is best to open this up with a window of PowerShell that has administrative privileges. If you need to install any NuGet packages then this will save multiple window creation)

You'll need to navigate to this MS doc and download the PowerShell Applet. When you run this, it will take you through a series of login prompts and then create you an app registration, we're able to use. See below for an example. (Please note, this App Registration is now deleted and was generated for demonstration purposes only).

As you can see from the above image. We now have an Application ID. Take that GUID string and navigate to your target Dynamics environment. In the Advanced Settings area, we want to select Users. When you've navigated to the Users entity, please select the System Users view and hit New

Please Note

You may need to change your form from the User form (Default) to the Application User form as shown below.

With all of that done, we can now paste in our Application ID GUID from our PowerShell window and hit save. This will go ahead and bring some information in from Azure, which is desired and confirms that everything has been linked correctly.

Lastly. Do not forget to give this application user a security role! I normally give them system administrator, if you do not, the whole process will fail.

Wrap Up

We have covered off creation of an App Registration in Azure, as well as the needed Application User in Dynamics 365.

What we will be tackling in the next part is configuring our Azure Dev Ops Project Repository to use this application user when building the solution.

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